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Sports Premium

Sport Premium at Gainsborough Primary School 2018-19
The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils
What is the PE and Sports Grant?
The Education Funding Agency is providing additional funding to each school to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated to Primary School Headteachers. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.
Gainsborough Primary School PE and Sports Grant
Funding for schools is calculated by reference to the number of primary-aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11), as recorded in the annual school census in January 2018. For this academic year Gainsborough Primary will receive £11,000.
Purpose of funding
Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this. 
Possible uses for the funding might include:

  • supporting and engaging the least active children through new or additional Change4Life clubs; 
  • paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport; 
  • providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport; 
  • running sport competitions, or increasing pupils’ participation in School Games; 
  • hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching PE (as an addition not as core staff); 
  • buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport; 
  • providing some places for pupils on after school sports clubs; and holiday clubs. 

At Gainsborough we believe that children should enjoy a high quality curriculum to develop fundamental movement skills and are physically active for sustained periods of time.  Children should know how to improve, recognise their own success and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  Children should experience competitive environments against self and others to develop communication, fairness and respect for others. 

For the academic Year 2018-19 Gainsborough Primary School will receive a Sports Premium Grant of £11,000. Funding will be spent in the following areas:

  • £6000 towards the salary of a qualified sports ASL to work with teachers and children, and facilitate our entry into more sports competitions
  • £2000 towards the training and resources for existing staff to ensure high quality sports provision 
  • £3000 towards more intensive swimming within KS2 and providing for 3 years groups
  • As part of Eko Trust we have also committed to the Tapscott Sports Offer
KS2 Key achievements to date (2017 – 18) Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need

Playground is more active – children are being more physically active during playtime and lunchtime especially with the purchase of an outdoor table tennis table

Existing staff have benefitted from the training and development and children are showing a great level of skills development as evidenced by success in competitions across the borough

Children are more confident in their swimming and make more progress within the intensive sessions than previously.

Children with emotional challenges have greatly benefitted from physical breaks with the sports apprentice.  Teachers and children have reported a calming effect as well as greater engagement with peers and team activities.  The apprentice has also worked with teachers to directly support them in the delivery of PE lessons.  Subsequently, the standard of delivery has improved even further, with teachers reporting greater levels of confidence.

Introduction of new planning for PE, allowing  teachers to have more creative control and evidence clear progression of skills across year groups and key stages

Some groups of children would benefit from even more specifically targeted work at lunchtimes or throughout the day through the inclusion of games that focus on team work rather than competition

New staff will require the same level of training.  A greater range of competitions entered to ensure the inclusion of  even more children

Greater emphasis on encouraging parents and carers to take children swimming out of school hours to rapidly increase progress and confidence

A system of assessment is being created for September to increase teacher’s ability to assess and understand how to progress children’s key skills

Sports Apprentice has been recruited as a Sports ASL.

Academic Year: 2018/19 Total fund allocated: £11,000                  Date updated: 20.10.18

Key indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school 18% of total allocation
School Focus with clarity on intendend impact on pupils: Actions to achieve: Funding allocated Evidence and impact: Sustainability and suggested next steps:

Continue to provide high quality PE lessons in a range of curriculum activities using specialist coaches and Sports ASL.

Pupils to continue to receive 2 quality PE sessions per week.

Key year groups to trial the ‘Daily Mile’

Continue with the breath of PE repeating key sports to ensure progress of learning and roll out support to teachers.

PE Lead and Sports ASL working with Tapscott Sports Coaches to ensure outstanding delivery of curriculum PE activities across the school. 

Ring-fence PE time for each class with a timetable.  
schedule in the same activities into the yearly overview.

Ensure staff are trained in delivering the sports on the curriculum via team teaching, directed learning, and employment of specialist coaches.


Children strengthen their skills in a range of different sports and activities as they progress through the Key Stages.  

All children continue to receive 2 sessions of dedicated PE time. The importance of PE is valued within the school and in the children’s minds because children talk about PE and the sports they are playing. 
 Pupils are more active in PE lessons - take part without stopping to rest.
Standards achieved in PE NC are improving with over 90% achieving end of KS attainment target Attitudes to learning improved - better concentration in lessons.

Sports ASL and PE Lead to work with another member of staff in order to up skill and succession plan

Key indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement 4.5% of total allocation
School Focus with clarity on intendend impact on pupils: Actions to achieve: Funding allocated Evidence and impact: Sustainability and suggested next steps:

Celebration every week to ensure the whole school is aware of the importance of PE and Sport and to encourage all pupils to aspire to being involved in the assemblies. 

Sports ASL to work with key groups throughout the day. 

Celebration assembly, Twitter, Facebook, Website and other opportunities used to promote sports and activities

Termly Sports newsletter

Key children and groups have access to additional sports and active sessions to support the access to academic learning and self-esteem.

Use of sports within our Gainsborough Star programme


Pupils are very proud to be involved in assembles/photos on notice boards etc. which is impacting on confidence and self-esteem. 
Increased self-esteem/confidence is having an impact on learning across the curriculum.

SLT and teachers have seen the benefits of the raised profile and is committed to funding these areas if the Primary PE and Sport Premium is discontinued.

Key indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport 50% of total allocation
School Focus with clarity on intendend impact on pupils: Actions to achieve: Funding allocated Evidence and impact: Sustainability and suggested next steps:

Continued development of Teachers experience in teaching in PE.

Teachers feel confident in delivering a PE lesson. 

Focused team teaching with EYFS.

Advising adults with regards to PE.

Maintaining the Midday and Lunchtime team’s level of independence and skill level.

Delivery of Directed Learning sessions with all staff.

Through PE Lead, Sports ASL and Tapscott provision rovide support for teachers.

  • Team teaching
  • Specialist coaches
  • Meetings for discussions
  • Lesson Observations
  • Feedback

Continue to ensure the work completed last year is ongoing and embedded into the lunchtime period.

Meetings with midday team  – Healthy Eating and active playground work.


Children will receive good to outstanding PE lessons in a range of sports regardless of the adult who is delivering them.  

Monitoring of PE illustrates that children are receiving progressive PE lessons to a good standard from the sports and supporting adults and teachers.   

Lunchtimes run smoothly, children are active.      

Better subject knowledge for Midday Leads, Sports ASL and ASLs are confident to take a more active role in lessons/lunchtimes etc. 

Increased confidence and better subject leadership skills enabling the subject leader to lead professional learning for all staff. 
PE Lead able to provide effective feedback and lead discussions.
WIDER IMPACT AS A RESULT OF ABOVE  Skills, knowledge and understanding of pupils are increased significantly - see note about end of key stage attainment targets   Pupils really enjoy PE and Sport, are very keen to take part and demonstrate a real desire to learn and improve.

Training of specific staff, this will lead to sustainability as all staff will be supported to feel confident to deliver PE and Sport both within and outside the curriculum.

Key indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils 9% of total allocation
School Focus with clarity on intendend impact on pupils: Actions to achieve: Funding allocated Evidence and impact: Sustainability and suggested next steps:

Investigate additional schemes to support skills development, year on year.

Continue to offer a wider range of activities both within and outside the curriculum in order to get more pupils involved. - Focus particularly on those pupils who do not take up additional PE and Sport opportunities.

Ensure long term plan is supported with good quality medium term plans which are progressive and support teachers.

Use of Sports Partnership with an aim to get more staff up-skilled and involved. 

Arrange a pupil survey to ascertain what pupils would like. - Involve external coaches to work with staff in clubs.


Increased variety and numbers involved in extra- curricular activities and all teachers feel more confident teaching new activities. 
WIDER IMPACT AS A RESULT OF ABOVE   Behaviour has improved particularly at lunch times and this has led to improved learning in the afternoons 

Very few instances of pupils not bring kit to school and as a result progress and achievement in curriculum PE is good.  95% of pupils say they enjoy PE and Sport and want to get involved in more activities.

Staff will work together and share good practice which will lead to better confidence all round and more staff keen to get involved thus ensuring the extra activities will not only continue but there will also be an expansion. 
The school is no longer dependent on 'experts' coming in to teach PE and Sport as staff are more confident and keen.
Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport 18% of total allocation
School Focus with clarity on intendend impact on pupils: Actions to achieve: Funding allocated Evidence and impact: Sustainability and suggested next steps:

To introduce additional competitive sports identified by pupils in recent survey in order to engage more pupils. - Engage more girls in inter/intra school teams particularly those who are disaffected.

Attend at least 4 different opportunities a term

Look at Inter-Mat, Inter-Schools and competitive sports within Tapscott Sports Partnership

Intra School competitions provide further opportunities for children to practice and showcase their skills.


Children are able to talk about competitive sports and take a chance to compete.

Pupils increase their participation in sport in school, outside school and in competitive environments due to improved skills and confidence. 
-  Sports ASL and coaches working together with nearly all the pupils above involved. 

WIDER IMPACT  Improved standards in invasion games in curriculum time  
More girls are keen to be involved.

Review competitive sports with children.
Continue to be part of Sports Partnerships