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International Week

Cherry Blossom class learned about Portugal during our International week. We danced Portuguese folkloric dances, watched Portuguese cartoons and painted Portuguese style tiles.

RWI Lesson

In our RWI lesson we made our own birds models after reading the book ‘ A model


In Science we are learning all about plants. We planted some seeds and now we are looking them growing every day.

The Seaside

Our topic  this summer term is the seaside. We had a carousel lesson in which we investigated some objects related to the beach and children liked it so much that we decided to build our own beach in the Key Stage 1 Playground.


During our RE lessons we are learning about Islam. A Muslim teacher showed and explained some of the objects that Muslims use for praying. After that the children decided to choose one and write about it.


Learning division with a hands on activity 'sharing some raisins between 2 or 3 friends'.

Mothers Day

We are making cards for our Mums.

Safer Internet Day

Just before Half Term we joined the global celebration of Safer Internet Day with the theme: Together for a better internet. Parents and carers joined us in the afternoon and took part in our class discussions of how to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Human Body

In Science we have been learning about the human body. We had a 'real skeleton' and learnt how many bones we have in our body and why we need a skeleton. We made skeletons for our science display and learnt all the main parts of our body. 

Mattie the Clown

Year 3 Chestnut class came to tell the story of Clown by Quentin Blake to Cherry Blossom class. 

Year 1 children practised their listening and comprehension skills with their peers. 

Our Neighbourhood

In our geography lessons the children became familiar with their neighbourhood. They learnt the location of the main landmarks of the borough such as their school, West Ham station, Memorial Park, West Ham Bus Depot, 

Star Lane Medical Centre and Star Lane DLR station and were asked to build these buildings. It was a team effort and they had to share their ideas to build them right.

RE Lesson

In their RE lessons children have been learning about Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan, the Hindu festival that celebrates brotherhood and love. The word Raksha means protection and the word Bandhan means to tie. They made 'Rakhis' a thread or amulet to give to their special friends or family.

Parents Morning

Parents' were invited to spend the morning in their child's class and help them to bake cupcakes and/or biscuits from scratch. They had been learning about non-standard units and standard units in their maths lessons so they were practising their skills with their parents.

West Ham Bus Depot

Cherry Blossom class visited West Ham bus depot . They had a bus ride and went into a bus wash. They learnt what to do if they found a lost object on the bus and who should they  ask for help if they were ever left behind. It was an educational visit and the children were at their best behaviour.

Making our own Christmas trees.


Party time and playing musical chairs.










Sharing Christmas party food with cheer! 










Chidren are making a calendar for their parents using finger painting to improve their fine motor skills.

Reading in pairs and supporting each other along the learning journey.

Learning about day and night in Science with challenging hands-on activities.


Meeting a ranger and her ‘pets’ as part of our Science programme.

Celebrating Remembrance Day at school.

Sharing a toast while learning about halves and quarters in maths.

Creating a story map and role-playing the story of Leaf Man in the English class.