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International Day

Our class was celebrating international day and learning about the cultures and traditions of BANGLADESH. We made flags to wave and jewellery to wear for the parade.

Gainsborough Autism Day

We talked about the things that make us special, unique and important to each other.  We shared our inspirational ideas on our school rainbow.

Park Life

As part of our scientific learning this term we have been investigating plants and growing. We planted variety of flower seeds and are excited to find out about these plants as they grow.

Little red Riding Hood

We have been reading the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood and learning all about Little Reds troubles with the Big Bad Wolf. We created puppets and role played the story together.

I do like to be beside the seaside

The year one classes brought the beach to Gainsborough. We made sandcastles in the sand and paddled in the pools.

Maths - Division

We have been leaning about division. We worked together to count an amount of objects and share them EQUALLY. We used our knowledge of fractions and multiplication to help us.


The year 6 children helped us to understand cooperation, communication and good sportsmanship by inviting us to join them for team games. They modelled expectations and encouraged us to support our teams as we tried to win ‘cups and saucers’. We then played a game of Caterpillars that involved a lot of coordination and concentration. We really enjoyed working with the year 6 children.

Science Week

As part of science week the we were invited to Year 5 class,  Blue Mahoe, to share in their learning and create different types of transportation. The Year 5 children have been leaning about transport and the Year 1 children have been learning about journeys and how we can travel around the UK. These topics enabled the the children to share their knowledge and learn from each

Money, Money, Money

We investigated coin values and added coins to match a total. We focused in the size, shape and value of each coin

The Naughty Bus

We have been researching the local area and local places that we have visited. We talked about West Ham Station, Star Lane Medical Centre and West Ham Bus Garage to name a few. We then looked at the structure of each landmark and created our own representation using junk modelling.

Christmas workshop

We used our creative skills to design and make Christmas trees. We talked about colour, shape and size. We then used a ‘secret mixture’ to make our trees green and added sweets for decorations. Our parents were invited into school to buy our creations.

Leaf Man

We have been investigating the season’s trough the story Leaf Man written by Lois Ehlert. We used a selection of brown, orange and yellow leaves to create our own leaf men to reflect the season of autumn.


We have been investigating coins and their values by sorting coins. Then we used the coins in real life situations through buying items from a shop and paying for them using the correct coins.


Remembrance Day

On Armistice Day soldiers visited our school and shared with us a message of peace and tolerance. Soldiers came to our school to show us some of the equipment that they use including transport, helmets and food. They talked to the children about the importance of world peace and how we can achieve this.